2 Jul 2017

Reman Scorpion Fighter

This is the design sketch of the Reman Scorpion Fighter from Star Trek Nemesis. The Remans are seen for the first time in Nemesis and I love the design of this ship because it looks Reman but is significantly influenced by the Romulan design.

As labeled on the Polar Lights package the scale of the model is truly 1/32. The Fighter is 18,8cm long when it is assembled. This results in a length of 6,01m in 1/1.
design scetch by John Eaves (trekcore.com)

The kit itself is very accurate and nicely detailed. Nevertheless, there are some serious errors which I have corrected:
  • I replaced the bow and detailed it according to the original 
  • the seats I have given a pad 
  • the landing gear is designed after the original 
  • I have extended the struts

27 Jun 2016

Romulan Warbird - Kit Review

This is the Romulan Warbird resin kit in Studio Scale from Timeslip Creations as seen in Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

Here is my size report of the Romulan Warbird. The reason why I bought the model is that the studio scale corresponds to 1/1400.
  • kit contains 43 parts
  • you can light up the model because it is hollow
  • very detailed clear Warp engines
  • no deflector part
  • no Romulan Decals

 main body parts are hollow

top part of the Warbird with AMT USS Enterprise-D saucer

details of the bottom part of the Romulan Warbird



19 Jun 2016

Romulan Shuttle - Kit Review

This is the Romulan Shuttle resin kit in 1/72 from Bad Azz as seen in Star Trek Deep Space Nine "In The Pale Moonlight".

(Box Art) JT-Graphics.com
  • The kit includes 23 highly detailed parts.
  • The main body of the Shuttle is hollow casted so if you like you can insert a Romulan cockpit.
  • If you want to light up the Shuttles engines it is necessary to cast the Warp engine parts in clear resin.
  • You can pose your Shuttle with extended or retracted landing gear.

I don't like the Decals because the Romulan text font is not very exact.

Bad Azz Romulan Shuttle Decals    -     real Romulan Text Font
AMT Starfleet Runabout with Romulan Shuttle 

12 Jun 2016

Klingon D-5 Class - Coloration

The Klingon D-5 Class has an light greenish gray base coat.

screenshot by trekcore.com (ENT "Judgement")
I used Vallejo Model Air Gunship Green 71014 (50%) + US Light Grey 71045 (50%).

For the armor plates I used a mix of Vallejo Model Color Gunship Green 70895 (70%) + Glaze Medium (30%).

In my next step I used a rough bristle brush to speckle the plating with Vallejo: Gunship Green 70895 (33%) + US Dark Green 70893 (33%) + Pale Sand 70837 (33%)

detail of the speckle effect for Klingon D-5 Hull Plates
screenshot by trekcore.com (ENT "Augments")

For the "radiator grill" I used Vallejo Panzer Aces Dark Rust 302 and Light Rust 301.

Dark parts and shades are painted with Vallejo USA Olive Drab 70889.

5 Jun 2016

Klingon D-5 Class

John Eaves created the Klingon D-5 class. It is an advanced design of the Klingon Tanker from ENT "Marauders".
design sketch of John Eaves

As seen in Star Trek Enterprise - this is the Klingon D-5 resin kit from Starcraft in 1/1400. It's a perfect detailed kit with very small parts and 15,5cm in length.

My only change was to cut the mounts of the braces.

16 May 2016

The size of the U.S.S. Dauntless from Star Trek Voyager

The USS Dauntless (VOY "Hope and Fear") was an alien starship disguised as a Federation Dauntless-class starship in the late 24th century. Artruis's (the owner of the ship) race Species 116 had been recently assimilated by the Borg. With a devious plan he wanted to assimilate the crew of Voyager by the Borg.

  • The premise for all my deck calculations: a deck is 2.5m + 0.5m for EPS cables, power cables, ... = 3m height for a deck. Starfleet ships have 4m (3m deck high + 1m Jeffries tube).

On many websites we can find a length of 130m - 150m. The ship isn't a real Starfleet ship but we need a deck high of 4m. Why? Because the USS Dauntless had to be a convincing replica of a Starfleet vessel, in order to deceive the crew of Voyager.

From the MSD (Master Situation Diagram) seen in the Episode we know the position of the decks.

screenshot by trekcore.com (VOY "Hope and Fear")
With this information I have calculated a length of 252m.

schematic by Star Trek Fact Files
In this screenshot it is indeed an extreme angle in which both ships can be seen. With this impression I wouldn't think that the Dauntless can only be 150m long.

screenshot by trekcore.com (VOY "Hope and Fear")

The size of the Romulan Warbird

Andrew Probert (designed the Romulan Warbird):
"I love even numbers, so the warbird is 4,440 feet long (= 1353m). The thing is, I provided this image to the producers purposely to suggest that the scene be filmed with the Enterprise in front, obviously closer to us, yet the warbird is still larger. Unfortunately the visual effects people reversed the shot and you really had no idea how much larger the Romulan ship was." (Star Trek: The Next Generation 365, p. 132) 
design sketch by Andrew Probert
Here you can have a look on my Star Trek Size Comparison Charts including the Romulan Warbird.
I think the impression from TNG "The Neutral Zone" is the only screencap in which you can realize the size.

screenshot by trekcore.com (TNG "The Neutral Zone")
A second good impression is seen during the Breen counter-attack on Chin'toka from Deep Space Nine "The Changing Face of Evil".

screenshot by trekcore.com (DS9 "The Changing Face of Evil")

screenshot by trekcore.com (DS9 "The Changing Face of Evil")